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Doug Melton Type 1 Diabetes Study at Harvard University

“For decades, researchers have tried to generate human pancreatic beta cells that could be cultured and passaged long-term under conditions where they produce insulin. Melton and his colleagues have now overcome this hurdle and opened the door for drug discovery and transplantation therapy in diabetes,” said Elaine Fuchs, professor at Rockerfeller University.

On October 9th, Harvard stem cell researchers announced that they have advanced in finding an effective treatment for Type 1 diabetes. Led by Doug Melton, a team of researchers succeeded in generating mass amounts of human insulin-producing beta cells. The cells are currently being tested in animal models.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition in which the body kills all of its pancreatic beta cells, which produce insulin for glucose regulation in the body. This beta cell development is an immense breakthrough and could mean positive things in the direction of a T1D cure.

Check out this link for more information

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