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Diabetes and Test-Taking

As I get older I have to take more academic tests each year. As a diabetic, taking many tests can become a difficult task of preparing perfect blood sugars for certain times in the day. Personally, if my blood sugar becomes too low or high, my ability to perform well on a test diminishes. Therefore, it is essential that I have stable sugars when testing. In order to make that possible, I am always sure to let my teacher know that I am diabetic and that due to my diabetes there are certain times when I may be unable to start or complete a test. The vast majority of teachers will be very understanding and will want to help. However, if you are unlucky and your teacher is unwilling to compromise, never hesitate to explain your situation to your school’s administrators. Ultimately, if you are diabetic, in order to even the playing field, you deserve the ability to stop testing to fix your blood sugar.

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