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Newly Approved Pump Will Be a Game Changer

The first closed loop system in the world has now been approved by the FDA!

This is life-altering news for diabetics all across the country.

The Medtronic MiniMed 670G is now the closest thing to an artificial pancreas on the market. It combines CGM and insulin pump technology to automate basal insulin delivery – increasing the amount of insulin when glucose is going high and decreasing insulin delivery when glucose is going low. It targets a set blood sugar of 120, which is particularly effective for improving overnight blood sugars and reducing lows.

After being approved by the FDA in just 104 days, the MiniMed 670G will launch in the spring of 2017 and will be available to Type 1 Diabetics above the age of 14. A pediatric study for 7-13 year olds to use the device is currently underway.

This is very exciting news for the diabetes community. With Medtronic at the helm of the closed loop system market, we hope that other companies in the T1D device industry will be spurred to continue the progress towards an artificial pancreas!

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