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Sweet Siblings Lobby in DC

Recently, I travelled to Washington DC and as a part of my trip, I lobbied for diabetes in Senator Chuck Schumer's office. I met with one of Senator Schumer's Legislative Directors and voiced my concerns regarding the FDA processing of medical devices. A problem currently facing our country, specifically the Food and Drug Association, is the extended amount of time required for a new technology to be approved. I represented the diabetes community and explained that although the market for diabetes technology may be small, it is not right for companies such as Dexcom to have to wait years for their products to be approved. The country is responsible for serving the needs of diabetics and it is unacceptable to have to wait for technology that could improve lives. Senator Schumer's aid said that he appreciated my appeal and that he would bring my concern to the senator's attention. I highly suggest contacting representatives, whether it be through lobbying or even by sending an e-mail, because it is their job to respond to advocacy by their constituents.

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