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Diabetes - it's a Marathon!

I recently began running three to four times per week as a cardio workout. My difficulty, however, is that I dislike running on a treadmill and therefore, run on the street. Not running on a treadmill means that I only have access to the supplies I bring with me. So I have three suggestions about how to make running easier as a diabetic: First, approximately 30 minutes before running, turn your insulin basal down to 0%. This way, you won’t be forced to guzzle juices in order to keep your blood sugar up. Second, bring only three items on your run; your phone, a tube of glucose tabs (they are much lighter than juice), and a glucagon. I like to carry my phone in one hand, the tabs in the other, and put the glucagon in the elastic of my shorts so it does not bounce around. Lastly, always try to run where you know there will be other people just in case you get a low blood sugar and need to ask for help.

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