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Hi, my name is Mathias and I am seventeen years old. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was three and a half years old and I completely understand how being diagnosed can be unexpected and frightening. We are here to help you through any small bumps and do not hesitate to ask us any questions. Diabetes can be confusing at the beginning but I promise that everything will make sense in time. 

Sweet Siblings - Kids with T1D





Hi, my name is Eliana and I am nineteen years old. I was six years old when my brother was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, I have been helping my brother lead a normal life as a diabetic and diabetes has been a part of what makes our relationship stronger. I remember when Mathias was first diagnosed and I know that it can be a little bit scary, especially as a sibling. It is important to remember that you will learn to adjust and that the best thing you can do as a sibling is just to be supportive.

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