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Below, please find some links for different websites that we think would be helpful. 

Angel Bear Pump Stuff:


A company started by the grandma of a diabetic child, she makes amazing pump pouches and children can choose from hundreds of selections. Angel Bear Pump Stuff also offers pouches with a clear front, which enables bolusing without taking the pump out of the pouch. 


Skin It:


A cool website for stickers that cover devices. Check to see if they have a sticker that covers your pump or meter. They have many awesome designs that can make your devices cheerful and fun. Scroll down on the devices page to find the options for pumps. 


Safe Sittings:


A non-for-profit organization that provides babysitters who can care for diabetic children, either because they themselves are diabetic and are managing their own treatment or because they have been trained. 


Diabetes Forecast Magazine:


An online magazine that offers tips for healthy living with diabetes and interesting articles ranging from information about diabetes to recipes and foods. 


Calorie King:


A food search engine that can give you the nutritional information of almost every single food! Calorie King also has a mobile app to give you carb counts on-the-go. 


Diabetic Danica:


Danica is a diabetic that makes YouTube videos, showing you how to do different insertions, such as insulin pumps and CGMs. It is often more helpful to watch someone performing the insertion as opposed to reading the instructions. 

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