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October: Preparing for Halloween!

As a diabetic, you WILL be able to have candy on Halloween. It will only come down to what, when, and how much! Chocolate is probably the healthiest choice you can make when choosing candy - it's slow to raise your blood sugar, very satisfying, and you won't be tempted to eat very much of it. Always look for chocolate that comes in mini sizes (not the mega bars) and try to stay under 15 carbs at any time. Only consume when your starting number is in range and ideally when you have been active throughout the day. However, if you are low or dropping - don't treat with chocolate (or other candy). Treat with juice or glucose tablets. If you trick or treat this Halloween, make sure to compromise. Give away those candies that make your dentist cringe and just keep your chocolates. Store them in a kitchen drawer (not in your room!) and think of them only when the time is right. It sounds hard but we know from experience that it can be done! Happy (early) Halloween!

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