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New and Interesting CGM: The FreeStyle Libre

There is a new kind of CGM on the market: the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System! It has yet to become available in the US but the product has been available in Europe since October of 2014. There are many reviews comparing its accuracy to the Dexcom CGM and although the concept behind them is similar, the two devices function differently. The Dexcom feeds glucose level results to the app once every five minutes. The FreeStyle Libre is built around the insertion – in order to get a reading, you have to swipe the device, which is also a meter, in front of the small, circular insertion. Overall, it is a great device and an interesting variation of the classic CGM. The only concern is that one has to be able to feel lows and highs and to know when to swipe the device to get the reading. It does not have low and high blood sugar alarms like the Dexcom so it could be problematic for people who do not feel their blood sugar fluctuating as accurately others.

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