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Diabetes Care in School

The New York Times recently published an article about schools discriminating against diabetic children and denying them the ability to attend due to the care they would need. Diabetic children have the right to attend whichever school they want, just like all other children do. It is important to build a strong relationship with the school nurse or to find a faculty member that is trustworthy and willing to help in an emergency. The assistance at school is greatly needed right after a child is diagnosed, however, once the diabetic gets older and more accustomed to managing their diabetes, they are able to function on their own throughout the school day. Even at this point, it is still important to have a contact at school that can help in the case of an emergency and can assist in communication with parents regarding numbers, food, etc. No matter what, a diabetic should not be denied from attending a certain school or participating in a sports team. As long as they are safe and their parents are involved either through the school nurse or another faculty member, there is nothing to worry about. School is also the key to a diabetics growing independence: as diabetic children spend more years on their own in school, the more comfortable they feel managing their diabetes away from home.

See the article in the NYT below:

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