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Bigfoot: Bionic Pancreas Development

Bigfoot Biomedical is currently working on developing a bionic pancreas. According to the Wall Street Journal, a bionic pancreas is the "Holy Grail" of diabetes technology, and for us diabetics out there, it is currently the closest thing to a cure. Due to Bigfoot Inc's initiative, this goal is now in sight. On June 3rd, Bigfoot released that they would be partnering with Dexcom and would be using its CGM data for the bionic pancreas. "Bigfoot has made a committment to automated insulin control based on CGM data and Dexcom is excited to participate," said Steve Pacelli, Dexcom representative, in the most recent Bigfoot press release. Before there even was a #WeAreNotWaiting campaign, Brian Mazlish and two diabetes dads teamed up to close the loop. Bigfoot Biomedical and their work has since been publicized by diabetes sources such as diaTribe and DiabetesMine. Keep an eye out for more developments from Bigfoot and get excited about a future that includes a bionic pancreas!

Click the logo to visit Bigfoot's webpage.

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