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Diabetes Camp!

This week, Sweet Siblings volunteered at the Mount Sinai Barton Day Camp as a counselor for diabetic kids and teens! We enjoyed spending time with other diabetics during diabetes ed, field trips, and days in the park. We travelled to the Gaga Center for intense rounds of gaga (and yes, there were a lot of lows!) as well as the New York City Museum and the Museum of Natural History. While in the gaga ring and hunting around the museums for clues that would help us on our scavenger hunt, many campers felt so comfortable that they almost forgot they had diabetes! Every day, counselors checked their campers before morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack as well as when they felt low. A nurse and doctor were on staff to treat high and low blood sugars and to help with insulin doses. Both campers and counselors enjoyed the company of other diabetics who experience the same struggles as them on a day-to-day basis. Camp ended with a picnic in the park where farewells were exchanged, and even some tears, but everyone was excited to see each other again next summer.

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