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Quick Review: Dexcom SHARE

This Monday (October 20, 2014) Dexcom announced that the FDA has approved their newest diabetes product, the Dexcom SHARE. Submitted in July 2013, Dexcom, as well as the entire diabetes community, has been waiting for the launch of a device that would enable users to access CGM data from anywhere. The Dexcom SHARE is a cradle that attaches to the Dexcom and through wireless connections, allows remote viewing of glucose levels through an iPhone or Android app. This extra measure of safety has been long anticipated in order to help parents sleep better at night as well as stay relaxed and informed when their children are at school or away from home.

My brother and I ordered a Dexcom SHARE on Monday night and it arrvied promptly on Thursday. So far, the product has been working very well and has gifted our family more hours of sleep. Our parents no longer need to leave their bedroom to check the Dexcom at night and the alarm is very effective and loud so that they wake up when necessary. Of course, Mati is still checked during the night but the Dexcom SHARE has offered us more connection with him and his numbers whether he is in the house or elsewhere.

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