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Outings to the Movies

One of the most exciting things about going to the movies has got to be the popcorn. Diabetics should not and do not need to miss out on this perfect movie snack. The smartest way to navigate popcorn in a dark theater is to bring a plastic cup with you. One cup of popcorn typically has 6 carbs, so if you keep track of how many cups you eat, you should be able to give the proper amount of insulin. The Regal Entertainment Group size small of popcorn has approximately 11 cups, which is 66 carbs. If you are not careful about measuring the popcorn, you could mindlessly eat the entire thing! If you forget to bring a cup with you, you can ask for a 16 oz soda cup, which would be 12 carbs, from the theater snack booth. Happy movie watching!

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